Flyers for B Med Spa

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Various flyers designed for B Medical Spa promotional events and Special sales.

Brand Set for Bogerouis

Stationery set created for Bourgeois. Job description: to create an elegant sexy logo for a clothing line, online boutique, and non-profit organization for women. Use dark colors: black with a pop of color.

Branding for Chomp


Chomp visual identity.
The chef of Chomp Mobile Foods hired me to create a brand identity for his business. Based on Farm-To-Fork movement and using only locally grown organic produce Chomp is targeted at younger generation bringing hip to the dining experience. This chef’s mission is to make humans happier through the art of cooking as well […]

Business Cards for Filaki Farms


Business card for Filaki Farms

Project description: to design a business card for an organic farm, expressing their brand look and a clear, accessible contact information.